Our Mission

ARTT-network will play the multiplier role in the Asia Pacific region to:

  1. Identify and champion the incubation of novel technology for inclusive societies.
  2. Promote knowledge sharing in the field of disability and rehabilitation.
  3. Facilitate training of professionals who can analyse consumers’ needs, assist in the selection and provide training in assistive technology, seating, augmentative and alternative communication and computer access, technology for cognitive and learning disabilities devices and others.

Our main activities are as follows:

  • Plan, establish and conduct conferences, symposiums, educational meetings, competitions and chapters in the Asia Pacific region in the field of assistive, rehabilitative and therapeutic technologies.
  • Showcase novel local assistive, rehabilitative and therapeutic technologies to potential users and others for matching of needs/interests.
  • Promote research, scientific literary, professional and educational activities associated with the users and assistive, rehabilitative and therapeutic technologies industries.
  • Establish, participate, evaluate, and promote professional training, certification programs and curriculum development of relevant professional manpower to fulfill its stated objective.     
  • Accredit and participate in the development of standards and guidelines for quality assurance of safe, user-centered design and usable assistive, rehabilitative and therapeutic technologies that can improve the quality of life for all citizens.
  • Provide consultation and coordination concerning matters of interest to the membership of APARTT-net.
  • Conduct other activities that are necessary for the fulfilment of ARTT-network’s objective.